Contributing to Authenticity in Leadership

Coaching for us is not only what we do, but who we are.


Coaching is an invitation to explore your discomfort zone, consequently expanding your comfort zone.

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Getting to know your own current,
using the flow
Intuicion specialises in Leadership and Executive Coaching. Weather Individual, or Team Coaching, our expertise is guiding you to find your own answers and solutions to your challenges. We offer programmes of coaching specially designed to address the need of facing challenges in an effective way, and create change in the areas where is most needed.

Leadership and Executive Coaching

Leadership and Executive coaching is aimed at you individually. We explore with you whichever intricacy, project or goals you have in mind. By the end of the coaching you will recognise yourself differently, will be more tolerant, motivating and inspiring and will transform your relationship with Influence. You will choose your personal Impact.

Nowadays many executives find themselves in a senior position with no further development support; this increases pressure and affects their performance. We understand it can be lonely at the top, There are issues and moments in which a leader cannot share easily his or her load, Coaching provides the support and guide required in those moments, a Coach is not only an objective outsider who is free to question the manager on major issues and obtain valid data, a Coach is also that totally unbiased, active listening, reliable source of regenerative thinking force and drive.

Very often we hear from a client how much they benefit from seeing things from a different perspective, how thinking about challenges in a different way enables them to find a variety of solutions to their business challenges, therefore improving their performance.

In our Senior Management and executive programmes, each Senior Manager will receive individual coaching, including Recognition and help with realization of personal and business targets, improving performance; Increasing of self awareness and a greater knowledge of relational and influential skills.
Putting vision into action
We coach you to create an environment that brings out the best in people and enhances staff retention - a place where people love to come to work and where results speak by themselves. We coach you about the vision you have for yourself, for your team and for your business We help you find the knowhow, the tools and techniques that give you the edge, the strategies which are fit for you. We do this with a unique blend of academic business models, Emotional Intelligence and NLP techniques.

Management Team Coaching

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is extremely helpful to find alignment within the Leaders of an Organisation, It empowers a generative and cooperative Leadership Style, where the old destructive competitive ways are replaced by a Managerial Team who is supportive of each other generating sharing, learning and gaining mutual respect. Management Team Coaching leads to a more effective output and a notable improvement in achieving company Goals. It has become the key to long term sustainable Success.

The team is coached to develop a 'vision': clear, compelling and agreed by the team. There is Strategy development, long and short term; Coaching the team to find agreement of roles and responsibilities within the team, Individual commitment to the Team and to the Vision; Taking responsibility for communication agreements, and for implementing the Strategies.

Intuicion’s Coaching Methodology

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NLP Coaching
Methodology of coaching focused in personal Excellency; NLP allows for deeper exploration of issues and challenges and quick and permanent change and resolution.

Personal Impact™ and Influential Coaching

This form of coaching contributes to a better understanding of the client and his/her inter-relational impact creating change at a deep level of being from where the client is able to increase and improve the influence in others gaining greater Respect, whilst feeling and being at ease with self and acquiring a deeper self confidence and self regard. This form of Coaching works at identity level therefore the results and development are permanent and applicable to all areas of life.

Structural Coaching™
Structural Coaching goes beyond behaviour and beyond content, this method of coaching looks at the structure of thinking of the client discovering unconscious patterns that are limiting and act as barriers for the desired performance. With the use of specific techniques we change these patterns into an empowering new form of thinking and being so that, as a result the behaviour, capabilities, self esteem and the whole persona are in alignment therefore achieving the optimum performance. This form of Coaching works at identity level therefore the change and results are permanent and applicable to all areas of life.

Solution Focus Coaching
Solution Focus Coaching, is extremely effective at bringing conscience of existing resources, Identifying solutions and designing first steps towards a desired outcome. This is a light method of coaching since it focuses in Solutions, making the experience enjoyable. It is the most effective form of performance Coaching.

Success Factor™ Coaching
Robert Dilts extracted a serious of models based on deep study of extremely successful individuals; Success Factor coaching uses these specific models for helping the client to find the key factors that will contribute to their improved success.

Ontological Coaching™
Developed by Julio Olalla, based in his vast experience and success with Leaders in Governments and large Organisations, Both highly practical and deep, Ontological Coaching looks at the road taken by each individual in the evolution of Being, with extreme efficient use of language and models It focuses on the essence of what is important and what gives true meaning. This form of Coaching works at identity level therefore the results of development are permanent and applicable to all areas of life.

Cross cultural Coaching speaks for itself.

Transpersonal Coaching, beyond the limits of the person, it addresses the individual and the system where he/she operates. The most effective ways of this type of coaching are the above mentioned, Personal Impact™ and Influential Coaching, Structural Coaching™ and Ontological Coaching™

Some benefits of coaching:

  • Being able to motivate and build productive teams.
  • Communicate with efficiency and confidence to people at all levels
  • Improve your development as a person, as a leader and grow your business to the next level.
  • Reduce staff reduction; create a work place where people want to belong.
  • Discuss your questions and concerns about how to handle situations that you can’t discuss with others in your organization
  • Explore your today and your possible tomorrows.
  • Have someone around who understands what you’re facing and whom you can confide in.
  • Be able to step back and look at your company or department from a different perspective.
  • Improve your business in every area including your performance
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