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What is Coaching?Who would use a coach?Does Coaching really benefit?What is the benefit of Coaching in Business?What is the benefit of Coaching in Life?How long would someone see a coach for?How does coaching differ from mentoring? How does coaching differ from therapy?What are the qualities of a great coach?
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What is Coaching?
Coaching is a professional service where the Coach assists the clients to gain clarity in their lives and access the resources they need to in order to solve problems, and progress towards fulfilling their dreams. This may concern relationships, career, self confidence, financial issues or even getting a sense of purpose. It provides clients with feedback, insights, and guidance from an outside perspective. Coaching acts like the vehicle that takes the client from the present state or situation to the desired state or situation.

Coaching is a one-to-one relationship between a client and their coach. Regular sessions are held either face-to-face or over the telephone with action taken by the client between each session.
A coach helps their client to identify what they want to achieve, whether it's in their personal, professional or public life. Once identified, the coach supports their client throughout their quest to achieve their goals, helping to keep the client focused and on track and to overcome any challenges and obstacles on the way to their goal.
Who would use a coach?
When embarking in a journey we normally opt for taking some kind of guide or map. When we successfully arrive at our destination, we know that we are responsible for our success, and we also know that it would have been much more of a struggle without the help of the guide. Coaching is that guide.

People hire a coach when they are making a career transition, starting a new business, feeling dissatisfied, re-evaluating life choices, to boost self confidence, to improve relationships or simply looking for personal and professional breakthroughs.

People are also seeing the results that colleagues, friends and successful people achieve from working with a masterful Coach. It produces significant results.
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Does Coaching really benefit?
Ask anyone who has experienced coaching for themselves and they will tell you that it has changed their life, that it has brought them personal satisfaction and success, a deep sense of achievement. Also, they feel energised to move forward in a positive and purposeful way.
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What is the benefit of Coaching in Business?
Surveys show that coaching benefits businesses by improving:
  • Productivity
  • Customer service
  • Staff retention
  • Cost reductions
  • Bottom-line profitability
  • Working relationships
Executive Coaching will:
  1. Achieve results for clients and where applicable, their team.
  2. Assist managers with team building.
  3. Help individuals gain clarity in their thinking.
  4. Challenge and help individuals to change limiting beliefs.
  5. Help managers to become a support rather than a threat, as well as assisting them in bringing out the talent and potential of their teams.
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What is the benefit of Coaching in Life?
Coaching is an on-going collaborative partnership built on taking action. In this powerful alliance, clients find themselves:
  • Doing more than they would on their own
  • Taking themselves more seriously
  • Creating momentum and consistency
  • Taking more effective and focused actions
  • Becoming more balanced and fulfilled
Life Coaching will:
  1. Help clients stay on track with their own self-selected solutions and plans.
  2. Ask thought-provoking questions to help clients clarify their outcomes and what they need to do to achieve them.
  3. Help others make steady progress towards goals by providing ongoing structure and accountability.
  4. Know that the real skill of Coaching is not knowing the solutions but eliciting the solutions from the real expert – the client.
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How long would someone see a coach for?
Usually a coaching relationship lasts between 4 & 12 sessions, but clients will realise the benefits right from the first session. The coaching relationship can of course last as long as the client wants it to.
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How does coaching differ from mentoring?
A mentor will generally guide and teach someone in a specific task or job. The mentor will draw significantly on their own experience, will pass on short cuts and tricks of the trade to guide their student to a specified result. The mentor will be expected to know the answers to a task related situation. A coach works with you so that you discover the questions and the answers for yourself, not just for a particular task, but also for all your life situations.
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How does coaching differ from therapy?
Coaching shares some similarities with therapy and counselling. It is focused on; helping clients, being non-judgemental and non-prescriptive. However Coaching is Goal-Centric. Although a coach may understand how your past has created your current situation, the coaching session is focused on where you are now and where you want to get to in the future. A coach doesn't offer any solutions for the client. Coaches believe that clients possess all the necessary resources to do, be and have anything they want in life. A coach's job is enabling the client to uncover all their hidden abilities and motivations so they are empowered to take positive actions towards achieving their goals. Our role is partly to hold our client accountable to their personal best.

The client is the expert. The Coach’s expertise is in accessing the client’s resources. Once the client develops strategies, the Coach helps make steady progress towards goals.
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What are the qualities of a great coach?
  • A great Coach believes in the amazing abilities that people have and has total trust in the client’s potential.
  • A great Coach is able to draw those abilities and resources out of their clients.
  • Acknowledge the client is the only expert in their own life.
  • A great Coach is a supporter and enabler of people's dreams.
  • A great Coach knows how to listen and ask just the right questions.
  • A great Coach knows when to challenge and when to support.
  • Open to non specific outcome; make themselves blank for the client's agenda and solutions to take place.
  • A great coach puts aside all judgements. Listen at the deepest levels, know how to be totally focused on the client, so that the clients design their life.
  • A masterful Coach helps clients stay on track with their self selected solutions and plans. Helps clarify their present state, and clarify their requests for the future.
  • A masterful Coach holds the client accountable to their personal best.
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