Contributing to Authenticity in Leadership

Change is not about becoming someone else but about letting the true self shine through.


We are committed to you finding your true self and believing in your inner voice

Provides movement, wakening and empowerment.
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'The best way to predict the future … is to create it'
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Welcome to Intuicion Coaching

Intuicion is an International Company dedicated to Executive Coaching, Training and Leadership Development, with over 10 years experience in Coaching and 20 years in change & development.

We are committed, to Bringing Authenticity to Leadership, empowering full participation of individuals in organisations, consequently enriching the work experience.

We advocate the power of influence versus the influence of power.

As a client stated:
“.. It is amazing what good coaching can do for you. Pilar is just amazing in the way she leads you through the discovery path, showing you who you truly are, and finding your own way to personal growth”
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Meet the Team

All our Coaches have overcome strong personal challenges; we have travelled our road before supporting you through yours.

Each professional is highly qualified and experienced, chosen by their Professional Standard, Personal Impact and Deep Personal Growth.
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More about us

We treasure participating in awakening INNER WISDOM and TRUST in individuals, therefore supporting organisations to locate the key to the world of possibilities.

Our profession is our vocation.

We love witnessing your Journey and supporting you in defining your goals, whilst encouraging you trough the steps.

We are passionate about YOU more
Intuicion will help you achieve your vision. Do you want To be part of a motivated team?, to be an inspirational leader? to contact us: here
Feel free to call us on: U.K. + 44 7957 668949     Belgium + 32 477 632954
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