Contributing to Authenticity in Leadership
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Marleen Boen Coaching since 1999. Coaching languages English, Flemish, French
Marleen is a coach with a long practical experience as business and salesmanager. She has a solid professional management experience and this makes her a dedicated, passionate and realistic trainer and coach. As trainer and coach she has worked with companies in the ICT, bank – and insuranceworld, callcenters and technology. Through her international training and coaching contacts she has a rich experience with different cultures.

Marleen dares to rely on her rational and intuitive insights and realizes fast insights by asking to-the-point questions. She gives to-the-point feedback. Her drive to make change happen encourages the coachee that any change is possible, step by step and by starting to become conscious of hidden patterns and habits. Her deepest belief is that any change can be applied if the coachee wants and needs the change. So she also works a lot on self-confidence, self-esteem and open mindedness. Her coaching is based on authenticity and she coaches heart to heart without losing her sense of reality. She actively coaches managers and their teams to a higher level of efficiency and awareness and she also coaches managers in their life transitions and career management..

Currently, Marleen is coaching young and experienced coaches on the one hand and on the other hand senior executives in their search to realize personal and business results. in global organisations such as Kraft, Danone, E&Y,Opel Benelux, Infrabel, Coca Cola,KBC, Axa and also small organizations like Brantano, Bia etcShe has great success in training coaches and the leader coach and communication programs she holds in several companies give great results of ownership and empowerment.

Marleen has been seminar and worshop holder in JCI international in several European Conferences. Marleen is training coaches in the ICF accredited program ROOT and GROW of The Coaching Square (as owner and creator of the programs) In that positions she is also examiner for these coaching programs that are internationally accredited by the International Coaching federation.

One client stated: “Marleen is passionate about personal development and her reframing skills in combination with her empathic attitude and respect for the values of the coachee makes the coaching process a real learning process in which you move forward step after step until you realize a certain moment that you have made a big leap forward. Her supportive presence enhanced my self-confidence and starting this coaching project was the best decision I ever took. In the mean time I took on a new professional challenge while I am still recognized in my previous direction team as an example for every director".

Certification as coach

  • Master Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation – currently running for this exam)
  • International certified NLP trainer (owner of Ithaka : nlp institute)
  • Organisational constellations practitioner
  • Ericksonian hypnosis practitioner
  • Enneagram Coaching

Experience and Style

Marleen has over 4500 hours of Coaching practice and over 10000 hours experience in the field of Leadership, Communication, NLP and Coaching training

She has dedicated 15 years to sales and general management in small businesses. The last 12 years her professional life is dedicated to facilitating management and coaching programs in open en in-company seminars.

Clients find Marleen passionate, energizing, dynamic, dedicated, challenging, transparent, result-oriented and with a great sense of self-relativation.
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