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NLP tools for coaching

A deep look at the best NLP techniques for Coaching, 4 days (30 hours) ICF approved course for Renewal of Accreditation or simply for updating and uplifting.

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Supervision & mentoring coaching

4 day (30 hours) course going over how to supervise and mentor other coaches, the things to look for, learning to detach your own style from your feed Back. Different exercises for them and for you….

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Executive coaching from inside

Divided in part 1& 2; this course consists of 2 independent modules to be done on their own or as part of a 4 day (30 hours) course, gives a look at Executive Coaching from Inside, having a look at what happens in Executive Coaching sessions, it is strictly coaching, unveiling the myth about leadership coaching and bringing it down to earth. It will help you find more confidence to go and do it.

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Accredited IFC coaching course. The Coaching Square (Be)

Delivered in English, French and Dutch, this course is divided in sections

The ROOT© Programme is to discover Coaching, to sharpen or soften our coaching skills, to become effective in coaching competency developmental issues.

You will be able to coach at ‘single loop’ level. This means you will have comfort in coaching context and actions, including the focus on influencing competency development.

You will be supported on the level of skills, attitude and techniques.
You will have:
  • a coaching toolbox
  • a screening of your coaching competencies
  • a certificate of the ROOT© that is allowing you to apply for the ACC – Associated Certified Coach of ICF – International Coach Federation.
  • Examples of coaching contracts
  • Tips and hints for your own coaching practicey
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GROW© is an advanced training program for coaches who have already attended a specialized coaching training course and who have gained previous field experience as a coach

In order to enhance other people’s learning process, we need to know ourselves well, our strengths and our development areas. Only then we can become fully present and deepen the true awareness of the client.
At the end of this journey, you will:
  • Have developed your coaching competencies to a deeper level, using your 5 senses
  • Have become a sharper observer and reflect more systematically and together with the coachee
  • Observe the coaching process from a meta-position
  • Discover the weight of emotions and true commitment
  • Have worked with beliefs and values
  • Have learned how you can stay flexible and yet balanced as a coach
  • Have decided to engage in a life-long learning process
  • Be capable to professionally reflect on your own developmental journey
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BLOMM Programme for Master Coaching Certification and beyond.

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NLP Acredited courses UK ( UKCPD)

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Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (One Day Workshop)
Neuro-Linguistic Programming is now recognised world-wide as a powerful tool for both rapid change and the achievement of excellence. It is widely used in the world of elite sport and in the arena of both personal and professional development.

A one day taster which will give students an overview of this field of discipline . The focus of this program will be on personal development.

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Advanced NLP Foundation Certificate
This new eight-week course builds on the “NLP Foundation Certificate” course that has been running successfully for many years.

The course continues to enrich the student’s knowledge of this fascinating field of study.

As with the “NLP Foundation Certificate”, the focus of this program is on coaching and personal development.
Attendance: UKCPD Swindon

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Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner & ILM Diploma In Coaching
This is a graduate level training; a 20-day (nine months) NLP certified training is an internationally recognised qualification. Externally accredited by the ILM, the ANLP and the AC.
  • NLP Practitioner Certification
  • Diploma in Business & Life Coaching
    We also offer the following optional additional Certifications:
  • Certificate In Advanced Personal Development
Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner & ILM Diploma In Coaching
This brand new 20-day Post Graduate NLP training program is divided into ten 2 day seminars (Saturday & Sunday) spread out over 9 months. This program is for you if you are an NLP Practitioner, working in the field of coaching or other Human Potential environments. The program is externally accredited by the ANLP, AC and the ILM.
Attendance: UKCPD Swindon
Duration: Nine Months

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