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Endorsement from Robert Dilts
I know Pilar Godino as a colleague and fellow trainer and coach.

I can truly say that Pilar is an extraordinary individual. She is a committed learner and a skillful Coach. She is energetic, proactive and has excellent relational abilities bringing a rare and powerful blend of determination, compassion and humor to her work.

I highly endorse and recommend Pilar as a Coach, trainer and valuable contributor to any project or initiative.

Robert Dilts
Pilar Godino
Specialised in Leadership, Personal Impact™, Strong relationships & Influence Coaching, Pilar is an internationally known Executive Coach & Trainer used to working with senior leaders across numerous industries; One of a few Master Certified Coaches in Europe, Pilar is distinguished by her passion for personal growth, her enthusiasm and her unshakable belief in people.

One client stated: “Pilar has an acute intelligence and strong intuition that in combination with her comprehension skills, positive enthusiasm and humour, makes the coaching process, from the very beginning, deep and challenging yet open and enjoyable, supporting and encouraging.”
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Marleen Boen
Marleen is a coach with a long practical experience as business and salesmanager. She has a solid professional management experience and this makes her a dedicated, passionate and realistic trainer and coach. As trainer and coach she has worked with companies in the ICT, bank – and insuranceworld, callcenters and technology. Through her international training and coaching contacts she has a rich experience with different cultures.

Currently, Marleen is coaching young and experienced coaches on the one hand and on the other hand senior executives in their search to realize personal and business results. in global organisations such as Kraft, Danone, E&Y,Opel Benelux, Infrabel, Coca Cola,KBC, Axa and also small organizations like Brantano, Bia etcShe has great success in training coaches and the leader coach and communication programs she holds in several companies give great results of ownership and empowerment.
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Kristien Vanderhoeven
As a senior trainer social skills she specialized in accelerated learning techniques (Kimberly Hare, David Gibson) and in applying an optimal learning transfer. Tin has international training and coaching experience in the areas of effective communication emotional intelligence, dealing with change, presentation- & advanced meeting skills, Situational Leadership®, Negotiation Skills (Harvard Negotiation Model), Conflict handling (Thomas Kilmann), Intercultural Communication MBTI®, Core Qualities (D. Ofman)

She adds her coaching skills to her experience of more than a decade as a spokeswoman, director and member of management in the Public Affairs and Communication Departments of several organizations and companies. (BASF Antwerpen NV, De Post–Retail, Federauto vzw, the VUB-Center Leo Apostel).
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Gemma González
Gemma is specialised in Solution Focused Coaching, Leadership and Emotional Intelligence. Her commitment for improvement, eagerness for development and clarity of ideas are strong assets in her coaching practice.

Currently, Gemma is coaching Senior Executives in organisations such as ABS (global solution provider for pumps, mixers).She’s designing Executive Development Programs for different companies, delivering training in Leadership, Coaching and Emotional Intelligence. She collaborates as Senior Consultant in Career Transition Services.
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Eva Esquivias
Eva is specialised in Brief Coaching, Performance Coaching & Goal setting and achievement. At the heart of her popularity is her steadfast & committed attitude, sense of humour and her perseverance. She is passionate about results yet understands people and challenges as a consequence of her background as a registered Psychologist. She is a Solution-focused Coach.

Currently, Eva is obtaining amazing results coaching Executives & Middle Management in mobile telephone industry following the solution focus method.
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Tony Nutley
Tony is a well respected Coach, involved with Coaching and Personal & Professional Development for almost 14 years. He is an Approved Trainer for the Institute for Leadership & Management (ILM) delivering graduate level coaching training. EBW Psychometric Practitioner (Emotional Intelligence Profiling & Coaching System).

Personal Statement, My particular interest is in Leadership Coaching & Leadership Development, I have many hours of experience in coaching organisational leaders to create a vision and to communicate this to their people.
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Chris Rasey
Specialised in Team diagnosis, Chris has a deep understanding of team dynamics, and personality profiles. Chris’s background dates back to 1976 when he worked as a consultant and trainer prior to integrating Coaching into his life and work.

Chris has worked with organizations such as United Glass, House of Fraser, Wimpy, Thorn-Emi Datasolve, running various leadership and personal skill programmes. Chris deliveres programmes in leadership, individual skills, and team events both nationally and internationally.
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