Contributing to Authenticity in Leadership

Intuicion specialises in Leadership; Coaching & People.


Training gives you equipment for making the most of the wave, situating you on the right spot and directing its force to your advantage.

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helping you ride the wave
We design training especially for you and with you to find alternative ways of thinking. We also offer you our most successful courses which we are delivering in major organisations as well as creating programmes tailored to meet your specific needs. All our courses are designed to assist participants to advance whilst having fun.To discuss your unique requirements, please contact us and we will be delighted to assist you.

Intuicion specialises in Leadership; Coaching & People.


Senior Leader Influencing & Inspiring programme; Exclusive to Senior Leaders, since is not so easy for leaders of a certain status to make time for CDP. This is 1.5 day blend of theory and practice, where participants get to explore leadership from a totally different vantage point. Participants are given models to increase their Influence, and they are coached on how to apply the models. Challenging, interactive and fun, this is a programme that is focused on understanding the basis of Influencing and inspiring your daily reports, whilst revamping self-motivation.

From Manager to Leader; comprising theory and practice, It is designed for newly assigned, leaders and managers, to enable them to deal with all the demands of leadership. It covers Influential communication, personal style, leadership models, and dealing with various difficulties. The course is carried out in 2 days 4 to 6 weeks apart.

Bespoke Leadership Programmes – depending on your particular requirements, we can design and run your leadership programme. Possibilities range from specific days on character building, problem solving, creating and decision making to feedback and psychometric based intervention for the whole company as well as days on leadership coaching.


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Our Coaching courses are intended for a group of Managers or for a group of Leaders to help them appreciate, understand and apply a Coaching style Management or a Coaching style Leadership in their daily work.

Coaching Style Leadership
Exclusive to Senior Leaders, The same basis than coaching style management although specific to Leadership circumstances.

Coaching Style Management
The intention of this day is to support and encourage managers by exploring a leadership style which improves results through effective conversations with individuals and teams.
  • Introduction to the Coaching approach for achieving results whilst developing people, improving Performance.
  • Discover something about you & your leadership style.
  • Reflect on your needs and the needs of others.
  • Increase understanding of direct reports, their motivation and behaviour.
  • Practice basic Coaching with the aid of models.
  • Comprehend the value of  Active Listening
  • Apply techniques and action steps for coaching on the go
  • Apply techniques and action steps for coaching to monitor progress. (Appraisal & Promotion System)
  • Experiment with Coaching Style Leadership & being coached by a peer.


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Communicating well and influentially is key to most of our success and our ability to solve problems. It is also key to good relationships which lead to successful business. These courses are designed to enable you to listen and question well, to develop support with others, and to improve personal effectiveness and influence through improved communication

Improving Relationships through Communication

This course is designed for staff on all levels. It offers deep communication and influential behavioural models and practice strategies to enhance self awareness and improving relationships. Good relationships are the key to successful business. The ability to communicate effectively leads to increased competency in the workplace, improved health and greater overall success.

  • The use of language – the power of words
  • Influencing and how to establish rapport
  • How to be compelling and communicate with congruity and authenticity
  • Taking the initiative and building charisma
  • Techniques for charismatic communication
This course is available as a coaching day based on a maximum of four clients per coach, or as a workshop for larger numbers. Cost on application.
Organisational communication
Healthy companies are those that have realised the need for effective communication throughout the organisation. This filters down from the top, starting with the clarity of the company or organisation’s message and how that is disseminated. What does your company’s values and work practices say to your employees? This course is designed for senior management.

This course offers strategies to enhance a sense of belonging and commitment from employees, looks at corporate culture and how a healthy culture is nurtured and maintained, as well as language and non-verbal communication. Participants are required to bring with them their company’s mission statement and examples of internal communication e.g. intranet link or newsletter. The course includes:
  • The corporate message – the importance of words and congruity
  • How to create an internal corporate communication strategy
  • Transforming vision into action
  • The art of motivation – how to energise your staff
  • Non-verbal strategies
Intended outcomes:
  • A communication strategy
  • An understanding of communication in all its forms in an organisation
  • The framework for a successful corporate communication strategy
  • An understanding of how to motivate staff
  • Heightened leadership ability

Group Dynamics and personality types

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Management these days is less about “Do as I say” and more about inclusion, leadership and influence – it’s about understanding individuals within the team and about how to get the best out of people, communicating effectively to increase the ability to influence behaviours and morale.

Group Dynamics, Influence and leadership The course is designed for managers and team leaders. This course gives strategies for managing groups, delivering information effectively and influential leadership, using psychological and behavioural strategies
  • Use of language
  • How to deliver difficult information while maintaining good relationships
  • Influencing and establishing rapport
  • Non-verbal techniques, including breathing and voice patterns
  • An understanding of group dynamics
  • The ability to deliver difficult information positively
Team Building ( for managers) A course specially designed for Managers, supervisors, team leaders and professionals who are responsible for leading a team or a group of people. In this day you will gain a thorough understanding of how teams are formed and how they evolve over time.
  • Learn about the technicalities of team leadership and team motivation
  • Discover your own unique leadership and management style and how it influences your current team
  • Learn how to identify strengths and weaknesses in your team and how to use them to your advantage
  • Understand the motivations, beliefs and values of your team members
  • Learn how to apply team building exercises to your team
  • Understand the different learning styles of your team and what this means
  • Learn how to get commitment from every member of your team
Team Building for all the teams across the organization. Intuicion offers bespoke team events for clients. Each event, is unique and likely to include team review, the use of activities that will improve communication, motivation and teamwork. We work with the team leader to ensure we provide what is needed. People who work well together, increase their productivity, and their appetite for work, this enables your team to achieve better results more happily ultimately assisting your organisation to accomplish its vision.
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